Network storage drive solution with cloud service integration
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NetDrive lets you manage remote files with ease. In fact, once you have gone through the initial process of mounting the remote location, you can access it just as if it were a local drive. Luckily, the program supports multiple types of storage services, including not only FTP sites and WEBDAV servers but also some others based on the Cloud, such as Google Drive, DropBox, OneDrive and hubiC.

It is a good thing that the program comes with various connection templates, so most of the times it suffices to provide your user name and password to create a new drive. Additionally, you can decide whether you want to map it as a local or a network drive. One thing that I highly appreciate is the possibility of using different proxy configurations for each of the services. After a connection has been made, you can use Windows built-in File Manager to access the contents, which means that you can simply drag and drop files from one location to another without even noticing that you are actually uploading and downloading remote data. Moreover, if your connection is fast enough, you can even play media files without the need to previously download them to a local folder.

Another advantage of this tool is that it mounts your drives automatically after system startup. Besides, it allows assigning drive letters to several locations without any difficulty whatsoever. Unfortunately, NetDrive does not seem to transfer data to or from an FTP site as fast as standard FTP clients.

All in all, I find NetDrive very convenient so you should not miss the opportunity to try it without any limitations for a 30-day period. I am also glad that the product will continue to work after that; however, you will not be able to connect to more than one virtual drive and automatic startup connections will cease to be available. It is also good to know that there are some free alternatives at your disposal, but they do not have so many features and support less protocols.

Pedro Castro
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  • Very easy to use
  • Support of multiple remote storage types
  • Various drives
  • Automatic drive mapping after startup
  • Individual proxy configurations


  • Not as fast as standard FTP clients
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